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Accounting for managers mba question papers

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Finance and Accounting for Managers Essay

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Account Current year Prior year Net sales (all credit) $, $, Cost of goods sold $, $, Nov 26,  · Accounting for managers mba question papers.


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Accounting & Finance for Managers Purpose of the Assessment The purpose of this assignment is to test communication skills together with the ability to analyse, to interpret and to report. The main purpose of cost accounting is to-a. Maximize profits, b. Provide information to management for decision making.

c. help in fixing selling price. d. To watch cash flows. Conversion cost is total of: a. Direct material and direct wages. b. Direct material, direct wages, and production overheads. c. Direct wages and production overheads. d. None of the above.

Finance and Accounting for Managers Essay: Introduction The main role of a financial and/ or accounting manager is to give sound advice and support to colleagues and clients in the process of making sound decisions in their business.

Accounting for managers essay
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