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Topics: Charles Dickens, Through her betrothal to Edwin Drood, Rosa is the only woman within the nunnery that has a man to court her. She is the only woman mentioned, in the nunnery, that is going to be married off to a man, not God.

Project Essay on Edwin Chadwick April 2nd. I suspect that in The Mystery of Edwin Drood Dickens had a very serious purpose, to explore this self-doubt, and to do this by creating and examining characters who contained contrasts or contradictions.

Essays and criticism on Charles Dickens, including the works Barnaby Rudge, Bleak House, The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Critical Survey of Mystery & Detective Fiction.

“It has often been remarked that woman have a curious power of divining the characters of men”(75). This quotation from The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens reflects the opposite of what a typical Dickensian society is supposedly based upon.

Can We Solve The Mystery of Edwin Drood? David Winn. Actually, we have several mysteries, which I group under three main questions: ~ First, does Edwin Drood die? and if he does, is it murder? and if so, who is his killer?

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